Juliet Ibrahim Incurs The Wrath of Nigerians

juliet I

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim might not have it easy this time as she touched on a very sensitive issue that bothered  so many Nigerians especially the ones into showbiz.

In a note posted on her instagram page questioning the credibility of many who were soliciting for funds for OJB’s kidney transfer, the actress believes the amount being solicited for was outrageous.


The above image which was captured from her instagram page got so many Nigerians who read from Linda Ikeji’s blog accusing and insulting her.

Check out some of the comments from below;

Anonymous said…

wow…you sound so arrogant, if you dont agree with people on such a fragile topic, i think you should keep your mouth shut, rather than writing such rubbish on your instagram, people are harassing celebrities because just like him who is sick we have seen others before who were on the same condition and were not given any help and they died, so as your little mind can imagine we would like for his life to be saved, you arrogant dumb b*tch!!!


What does she mean by ” …need to reach out to the right people” My friend………if you know the right people link them up jare otherwise SHUT UP!!!!!How dare you?


Because u are a doctor and know all the procedures he will go through. That you have a foundation doesn’t make u know how much he wld need. If u don’t want to give pls don’t. It’s not by force. Pls use ur money and take care of your family. Let those who are blessed by God use their money to help people. Remember this life is just vanity.

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