Job opportunity!! We need a manager – Wanlov D Kubolor


I don’t know how serious you would take this post but member of popular music group FOKN Bois, Wanlov D Kubolor has in an exclusive interview with disclosed the woes of the group and its inability to play so many shows especially in Ghana are as a result of their inability to secure a good manager.

Although the group is one of the most sought after in terms of international musical concerts, festivals et al, Wanlov believes the services of a manager who understands them would better place them on a higher pedestal as opposed to what they are experiencing now.

Asked why the group has been unable to hire a manager all this while, the “Kokonsa” hit maker explained people do not take them serious because of their satirical approach to issues.

“You know, people don’t take us serious oo. Maybe, because of our approach to situations. We don’t take things too serious unlike others do so people also tend to think we are joking when we ask for a manager.”

He further explained the little successes the group has chalked were as a result of their own hard work as they have had to request for interviews from media houses themselves, book recording sessions and submit their own promotional materials to media outfits, all he believed were the job of a manager.

So here we go, there is a vacancy. Don’t stay back and blame President Mahama for unemployment and neither should you take this one too as one of their many jokes.

FOKN Bois recently screened their musical film “Cos Ov Moni 2: FOKN Revenge” in South Africa after a recommendation by Grammy award nominee.

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