Jay-Z denies Beyonce’s Pregnancy?!!


Rapper Jay-Z has spoken out (sorta) about rumors of Beyonce’s pregnancy…and he’s denying it.  Find out what he allegedly said inside and why we think the pregnancy rumors were started…

For the past few days, the world has been flushed with gossip about pop superstar Beyonce expecting her second child.  The news went mainstream when E! News reported the pregnancy as the next best thing to fact.  Though E! news is considered a very reliable news outlets by everyone, but according to Jay apparently, the news is NOT a fact.

Over the weekend, Ebro (the famed station manager of NYC’s Hot 97) went on record saying that he received an email from Jay-Z denying the pregnancy.  On air, he read Jay-Z’s email saying,  “It’s not true. The news is worse than blogs.”  Of course, this could “potentially” have come from someone else, but because Jay-Z and Ebro have had a close relationship for over a decade…we’ll take Ebro’s word for it.

But here’s the other issue…why would E! News report something which “might” not be true?

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