“I’d prefer you compliment my brains not my looks” – Peace Hyde

Peace Hyde

Undoubtedly one of the most searched-on personalities in Ghana via Google search, Peace Hyde is gradually taking over the TV screens as her looks will definitely attract your attention but she prefers the world compliments her for her brains and not the looks.

This is what StarFMonline.com wrote on her;

“It’s been eight months since Peace Hyde made her debut walk to fame on the Ghana movie awards stage and “turned heads” as many entertainment writers put it in their reports and commentary.

The beautiful Ghanaian-born UK-bred hottie moved back home after several years of living and working abroad to pursue her dreams in the arts and entertainment industry.

From being virtually objectified for her curvy and gorgeously healthy looking body, to being compared with other women in the entertainment industry, who are also celebrated for the same reasons, Peace is fast proving to Ghana and the rest of the world that she is more than just what her curves seem to tell about her.

Peace Hyde B

“I don’t have a problem with people being excited or focusing on certain things, I think that we all have a right to our opinions and I don’t think that it’s fair to limit what someone should or shouldn’t say but I like to hope that with my projects that are coming up, people will see there is a lot more to me,” she said in an interview with StarrFMonline.com.

Confident in her abilities, Hyde is grounded at the centre of herself, and very well understands who she is: a person bigger than what she looks like or does.

“To be honest, I feel very strongly that, it’s important we don’t limit ourselves to just somebody’s appearance. I think we all have a purpose. And I believe that whether it is certain physical attributes that catch somebody’s attention, or the way we speak, or the way we think or the way even the way we dance or whatever it is your gift is, it is important you let other people know you are also more.”

Peace is new to the entertainment industry. Before she came to Ghana, she taught chemistry, physics and biology to high school students in London: a profession she very well enjoyed, although she agreed it was no easy field. According to her, it required a lot of effort and dedication, but nonetheless, enjoyed investing herself in the lives of her students.

“My most exciting moments as a teacher were when students, whom everyone had lost faith in, over- performed and achieved remarkable grades. Those are the moments I cherished the most. It showed me that no matter your circumstance, the only person who can put a limit on your life is you. And it’s always good to know I played a part in that.”

“Everything is possible in life” she noted.

Asked why she gave up what seems like a rather fulfilling profession to chase fame, Hyde was quick to say she was not chasing fame, but rather interested in getting herself a bigger platform where she could affect more lives positively.

Peace Hyde A

“With teaching I knew that I loved people. I wanted to get to a point where I could directly impact the lives of others positively and I loved doing it for all the years that I spent as a teacher, but over time I wanted to do more.”

She said: “Coming to Ghana and having all the opportunities that I’ve got, I thought that I’ll share my experiences, personality, drive and enthusiasm with everyone who cared and show that whatever it is that you put your mind to, you can achieve.”

Peace has had opportunity after opportunity since her first gig to co-host the Ghana Movie Awards in December 2013.

Currently, the host of Friday Night Live on GHOne TV in Ghana, she seeks to address societal concerns. The concept of the show seeks to provide a platform for individuals to share their life experiences on live television.

The show promises a fresh, educative and motivational approach to dissecting the plight of the vulnerable, and there are expectations that their issues will be solved to bring healing and transformation to the suffering victims.

“God has been good. My dream has always been to fulfill my full potential … I wanted to make sure that I did whatever it is God wants me to, and do it to my best ability and I see things working out well for me.”

When asked about her views on politics, Hyde told StarFMonline.com she believes “politics can be used as a strong tool for change only if the welfare of the people is placed as top priority on the government agenda instead of it being a lucrative way to line the pockets of those in power.”

Peace is also quite a‘foodian’ as a typical Ghanaian will say.

“My favourite hangouts were always places with good food, so [I go to] places like ‘Ping Pong’, ‘Gilgamesh’ and ‘Busaba’.”

“In Ghana my favourite spots are ‘The Den’ in East Legon; they have the most amazing seafood platter. I also love ‘Bush Canteen’ for local cuisine like Banku and Okro, which is a personal favourite and ‘Chase’ for their Sushi.”


Her second favourite thing is shopping.

The one philosophy that guides everything she does is to “be yourself”.

In that light, she advised young women against killing themselves in their attempt to be like her.

“For me, I just made a journey to make sure I am my healthiest and fittest that I can be, and I’m sure all the beautiful girls out there who are saying I like this about Peace, I like that about Peace will realise that if you make sure you have a healthy lifestyle and focus on bettering yourself, you are more than enough in your current state.”

“It is very crucial to know that we’re all created differently and in our own unique way. You are already amazing. You don’t need to imitate anyone else! As long as you have confidence, you will be anything that you want to be. It’s not about another person but who you are in your own light!””

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