I Was NOT Granted A Presidential Pardon, Neither Am I An Ex-Convict – Jagger Pee

Veteran Ghanaian actor Abeiku Nyame  popularly known as Jagger Pee has  shot down long standing claims and reports that suggest he was granted clemency by the former President of Ghana, H.E. John Agyekum Kuffour.

The actor made this during an interview with Kweku Burundy on Oman FM.

As monitored by Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture & Urban Entertainment News –,  Jagger Pee who was initially convicted for abetment of murder and later substituted for  abetment for assault  revealed he rather won an appeal case filed by lawyers.

Asked if he couldn’t secure the services of a very good lawyer as his narration sought to suggest he was not involved the murder as convicted, Jagger Pee stated saying he had a very good lawyer.

” I had a very good lawyer, one Owusu Fordjour.  A former commissioner of Police during Acheampong’s era but the judge wouldn’t budge. I was acquitted and discharged two years later after my lawyer had filed an appeal. The panel of judges all ruled in my favour ‘acquitted and discharged’.

According to Jagger Pee, he is not an ex convict and has no criminal record as reported on a number of occasions.

“Upon return from one of my travels, I intentionally went ahead to ask  from the Attorney General  where the State Prosector at the time  stated I had no criminal records,” he said.

On January 9, 1995, Jagger Pee was in the company of Nana Agyeman and two other ladies when  the latter  shot and killed a taxi driver over  a fare  misunderstanding.

Jagger Pee spent  32 months in prison.

His friend, Nana Agyeman also known as  Geeman spent 14 years in prison half of which was on death row. He was later released on January 9, 2009 on presidential pardon from former President, John Agyekum Kufuor.