“I think Akoo Nana is close to abnormal” – DKB


It seems Ghanaian singer Akoo Nana has bitten more than he can chew as events surrounding his new song that makes reference to former Ghanaian Big Brother Africa representative and comedian DKB has taken a different turn.

The song which was perhaps made for fun and to bring back to relevance the musician whose career was on the decline might have achieved exactly that as it has generated so much talk but the same song may cause him more than he thought.

DKB who has not taken the comments passed about him in the song lightly disclosed in an interview with Amanda Jissih that comments passed about him were defamatory and damaging to his hard-earned brand hence his decision to seek legal redress.

According to DKB, allegations that his ex-girlfriend sent Akoo Nana a text message to describe him as unhandsome with his personal number was unfounded and has a malicious motive intended at disgracing him. He further stated it was quite abnormal for any artist to even make reference to that in a song.

“My ex-girlfriend does not even know more than 10 African musicians. The ones she may know are even those who are promoting their music outside Africa and I don’t think Akoo Nana is one of them so how does my ex send you this kind of text? Akoo Nana is not even close to handsomeness and not even sexier than I am. The way he does things even looks very abnormal to me.”

According to DKB, it was time Ghanaian musicians paid attention to their content than to just pick on anyone to break the market.

“I think Akoo Nana made the wrong move and must pay for that. I won’t slap him this time around but would allow the law to rather slap him.”

The comedian also pleaded with people who were calling him to call off his decision to seek legal redress to stop as it made him seem more of a villain than the one who had initiated it.

He finally advised the artist to enjoy his status of being out of relevance than to pick on people.

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