(Humour Galour) Citi fm’s Jessica Saforo fumes over police arrest

As days go by, Ghanaian showbiz personalities seem to let us in with their day to day happenings thanks to social networking site twitter. The latest to let us in with her “unfortunate” morning encounter is Citi fm’s host of “Work in the Citi”, Jessica Opare Saforo who shares her experience with the Ghanaian police. 400..1.688940

I opted therefore to make lighter news of this just for your morning relaxation, read on!!!

This is not the first time a showbiz personality has had to deal with a police officer and would never be the last so far as there is that Ghanaian Police officer who would not want to do the right thing. Mention can be made of saucy musician Mzbel and many others.

Now this is Jessica’s story;

“Left my house this morn with a very dirty car. Sth told me I’d be stopped by the police this morn and I was right. Lol

Policewoman asked me 4 my license, asked me if I have a triangle, fire extinguisher and first aid box. I didn’t have the latter and she said she had “caught me”. (Laughable) so if I didn’t wanna go 2 court I shd give her sth…Hahaha! Court cos I don’t have a 1st aid box.

Like seriously?????? Hehehe! #GHPolice #pathetic

As to whether Jessica did the “honourable thing” of paying a One cedi, the narration continues;

“Of course I didn’t give her a DIME!!!!!!! Mtseeew! Nesssstime!!!”

Well, word of advice to Jess as a colleague in the industry, please whenever your conviction tells you something next time, obey it, lol and don’t forget to read Matthew 5:25. But for the sake of those who do not have a Bible with them, I’ll quote from the Holman Christian Standard,

“Reach a settlement quickly with your adversary while you’re on the way with him, or your adversary will hand you over to the judge, the judge to the officer, and you will be thrown into prison”

Remember, contrary to what the police tells us as being our friends, they are herein referred to as adversary since you are not ready to pay the One Ghana and the officer you would be handed over to by the judge is the same officer who arrested you so why not shorten the process by paying the One Ghana? And oh Jess lest I forget, if you really want to go to prison, remember,  the city of Accra will never forgive you.

Hope I was able to make you laugh

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