How sorry is your “Sorry”?

We all make mistakes at one point or the other day in and day out, It is not about one making a conscious effort to avoid making mistakes and offending someone; but being able to realize that one has erred.


Most people find it difficult apologizing because there is sometimes fear of not being forgiven or being rejected. There is always the tendency of getting a cold shoulder even after several times of apologizing and this causes the apologizer to feel weak and sometimes regret initiating the process.

But hey, its not about its not about how many times you say sorry when you make mistakes, the most important factor is how much you mean it. It takes a lot of confidence and self control for one to accept his/her mistakes and apologizes, and it is one of the most challenging endeavors in life.

Notwithstanding, if an individual cultivates the habit genuinely regret ting his/her actions then there is an urgent need to apologize for it. The one who is wrong needs to ask forgiveness from the one who is right.

Your pride will always interfere with your true emotions, but always try and fight it and allow yourself to flow. Never say sorry because you have to, only say it when you mean it. Life is short – Be courageous enough to say “I wish I could undo what I did, I am deeply sorry”

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