Benny Bonsu; A true Ghanaian pride

Benny Bonsu is presently the Head Of Own Productions at Viasat1 Ghana

She is an award winning presenter, a fashion designer, a talented writer, and was also part of the organising committee for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Benny Bonsu is a Ghanaian inspiration to our generation not only because she is building a reputable image for herself, she is also carrying others along with her through her charity “BAMEInspireda charity organization set up to work with governing bodies, major brands, and companies to develop sports and implement strategies that drive business in Africa“. In here, she tells Zen how she got started in TV and radio, a little about her fashion brand “Ariike Alden“, her top highlights from the Olympics and her plans for 2013.


How did you get started in TV & Radio?
I got into it by chance. I am writer who started off with “Bedroom Diaries of a Black Woman”, after a few months with a huge following on social media, my brothers encouraged me to take the chance to do video blogging. I really didn’t like doing it, but in 2011, my fiancé at the time and my best friend Dzaflo Larkai really pushed me to go for it. I started radio back in 2000 when I was at University studying Media and Advertising. Radio has always been a part of me and all to the glory of God, I was always involved in sports and ended up working for the likes of BBC, NBA Europe, Break London and now I am at Viasat1 Ghana.

Has it always been one of your aspirations to be a host or presenter to a talk show?
To be completely honest, my aspiration has always been to be a teacher and a mother. Before my career in TV and radio, I was known for being active in the community with youth matters and being a teacher. I worked in secondary schools as Head of Behaviour and Inclusion. I love working with young people and inspiring a generation by sharing my journey and learning from them also. Being a TV and radio host, I try my hardest to still use my journey to inspire others. Benny-use

We know you run a classy fashion brand “Ariike Alden“, at what point in your life did you decide fashion was for you?

Like writing, fashion has always been a part of me. I started this at the age of 13 at my high school at ST. Thomas More RC School with my amazing teacher Ms Burns. I love putting things together! Sewing and designing makes me feel really good especially when I put it on. As a child, I was very different from most kids. I didn’t grow up in London. I came to London at the age of 12 after living in the United States of America and then Ghana. It’s great seeing people wearing my pieces and seeing the confidence they have with it, makes it all worth it.

How would you describe an Ariike Alden woman OR Look?

Ariike Alden is famed for fashionable yet timeless pieces. It is simple, sophisticated and different. It takes a certain kind of woman to pull of the Ariike Alden look – the aspiring woman who celebrates life.

You were part of the organising committee for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, tell us how was that experience for you?

Being part of the London 2012 was a crazy experience. You need to actually be there to really understand it fully. Even though it was a great experience, on the personal level with relationship it was terrible for me because for example, the working hours was crazy and getting your loved ones to understand the level of commitment it required wasn’t easy. Sometimes, they didn’t get it and it caused so much heartache though I wouldn’t change it for anything. It was a fantastic opportunity that only a few had and having the opportunity to inspire others through just simply being a woman, then being African and a woman that knows, understands and manages sport, it gave me a whole new outlook to what I have to offer the world. It was just awesome and I would do it all again {Laughs}

Which team impressed you the most? You know what?

I was extremely impressed with TeamGB and I am not saying it because I am Londoner but because I saw the amount of preparation that went into their performance at the games, especially the basketball teams. No one even believed that they would make it to the Olympics but they did. Both teams (Men and Women) did a fantastic job with representing Great Britain and also interacting with their communities. I was also impressed with the Nigerian Basketball team. Night after night, I produced the basketball games and one of my most memorable nights was Nigeria v USA because even though they lost, they tried their hardest and represented Nigeria to the max. Their athletes were committed to the cause and I loved them for it. The Nigerian fans were there in numbers to support their own. We even had Ghanaians there to support our Nigerian cousins. It was awesome.

So we have Benny the Presenter, The Radio Anchor, The Designer, and the Sports woman, any more surprises?

No, I am now just waiting to be a wife, but I am in no hurray {Laughs}. I don’t know, I just want to take each day as it comes. Life is interesting, so you have to survive it by the day.

What can we expect from you in 2013?

2013 will just be about doing what I do “growing and becoming better“. I don’t do New Years resolutions because I always fail at them. What I try to do is, try not to make the mistakes I made in the past year in the New Year. By God’s grace, I will be doing more community and charity work, sports, TV, radio and all of it {Laughs}. One thing to expect this New Year is the brand new “Bedroom Diaries of A Black Woman – Africa” with an all star line up with actresses like Julia Clement, Belinda Sefakor-Dzattah,  Mackie Sassie ”Professional Stylist” and “Entrepreneur” Elvina Qusaison. It will be produced by the fabulous production house Solid Mulitmedia and Outburst Communication and we are really excited about it.

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