How I turned a radio presenter…the Journey so Far

ny dj

On several occasions, people have asked why I keep writing about others but do not write about myself. Well, today I take the pain to scribble some few things about myself. I mean how I ended up as a radio presenter with one of Kumasi’s most prestigious media outfits, Kapital Radio. Please forget about the errors as I didn’t proofread this, lol. I just had to share.

It is often said that no one can better tell his or her story but don’t forget in an attempt to write your own story, you may considered bragging.

Truth be told, I never thought of becoming a radio presenter and a good one for that matter. (wink) I always wanted to be a lawyer and I’m still working at that. However, I developed interest in radio years back when I used to listen to my cousin Kojo Akoto Boateng, then known as DJ X Ray (now with Citi FM in Accra) who was a radio DJ with KNUST’s official radio station Focus FM.

I would normally tune in to listen to him on Friday evenings when he presented a musical show. I loved the way he went about his presentation and not necessarily the music he played. Well, the fact is, I didn’t know so much about music then and had a particular preference of music so you get it now?

Kwaku T and D Black

Stemming from the fact that I had been trained as a debater in Kumasi Academy and was the president of the debating team, I knew anything to do with presentation and making my case would be an easy take and a radio show would come easy. Of course, I didn’t want any work that would put me through so much stress. (Remember, following your passion would make you wake up happy knowing you would be doing exactly what you love.)

Fast forward, I applied to the radio school programme that was organized by Focus FM and never really had anyone take me through any formal or book stuff . I followed my cousin (Akoto Boateng) anytime he went to the studio just to sit back and watch all he did. It was known as “understudy” and I don’t know if that practice exists today. He would usually teach me how to go about music selection and which buttons to use at what point in time. (Sorry for letting the world know some of your unprofessional studio ethics then, lol but you needed to help a brother and a cousin.)

With Jessica

Well, it paid off as I then mastered the art of playing songs on my own without talking. I became a DJ then and would walk to the studio at night just to try my hands at what I could. I remember the stress in sleeping around the studio just to have mercy in the eyes of Mr. Bishop Sarpong (who was the technician and studio manager) who with all sincerity will always have a special place in my heart. How can I forget the mosquito bites and the fierce competition just to have little airtime to present a radio show at night.

One amazing yet funny moment was when I was sacked out of the studio (not the kinna sack you thing of though) by someone who would later turn to out be my personal person and Partner in Crime, Stephen Akwasi Appiah popularly known as DJ Kwesman. I understood him because he had never seen me before as I usually got the studio at night with my cousin. He (Kwesman) was acting professional though as I was a stranger to him and he wondered what I was doing in there whilst he was on air.

With Sarkodie

We later sorted our issues when I was introduced to him and we used to go hunt for birds at Africa Hall together, no harm though.

I then somehow became recognized as I was made to sit in for Akoto on occasions when he couldn’t make it. I later applied to be an official staff of the station when I gained admission to study French at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The process was somehow quick because everyone there knew me already.

Starting with evening musical shows, hosting the drive time show and the Banging Hiphop Show, it became evident that NY DJ, the new kid on the block was making an impact especially with the niche he had created; premiering news songs and making them available to so many listeners who would have on a normal occasion taken so long to hear these song. The challenging and revealing interviews from Acehood to Sway got people wowed and hence the attention I drew to myself on radio. Till date, people hardly see me outside though. (I’m the indoor and quiet type)

FLlexy and Caro

The journey I must say has not been as easy as you read from above.

Three (3) years with Focus FM and I somehow had to let the many people who had fallen in love with my show (including my ex who tells me she started listening to my shows from Focus FM) down because I had to spent a year in Benin as part of my study of the French language but that would not deter from pursuing my passion as I kept in touch with my people through my online podcasts.

I returned a year later to put up what others called “competition” on air but that would not last long because a powerhouse whisked me away and by that, I mean my current employers, Kapital Radio.

I must admit, I was not so ready for commercial radio. Maybe, the shoe was such a huge one to fit in. A show that had had the likes of Kojo Akoto Boateng (now with Citi FM), Kwame Sakyiamah (Lexis Bill with Joy FM) and so many others?

I however took the challenge although I was still a final year student of KNUST preparing for my project and defense. I remember all the sleepless nights and how I had to host the Kapital Journey on Kapital Radio at night just to get myself equipped with the studio . I would quickly rush from the studio in the morning straight to the lecture theatre where my lecturers would rattle French all through (arrrrrggggh) .

I know you wish to know how the three (3) years journey as host of Homestretch Bumper to Bumper on Kapital Radio has been but sorry, I need to go. I must say the journey has been worth it and I do know it would pay off BIG soon.I’ve met amazing people who remain a big part of me.

Thanks to all who believed in me and gave me the opportunity. Those who helped me along the way. A big one to DJ Andraos who told me he would be returning from the States after a month of visit and has never returned, lol. (Ghana make hard bro, just keep doing you out there).

A very big one too to all who do love me and keep listening to my shows, you make me who I am. In fact, my dad who never liked my idea of becoming a radio presenter sends me a message anytime I’m on air and guess how he calls me now, NY DJ, lol.

Love y’all.

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