News: HotJam Rebrands To “Medal” Ahead Of New Single Release

“…The name changed but the flow stays same, HotJam to Medal that’s my modern day frame…”

Embodying the fire in Ghana’s new generation of rappers, Medal (formerly known as HotJam) emerged on the HipHop scene when he helped form his high school rap group, the “Booth Camp”. Their hit track “Bounce”, gave the Booth Camp credibility in the country, especially in the realms of high schools, and gave credibility to Medal’s (HotJam) lyrical prowess.


Right after high school, the mob had the name “HotJam” on their lips when he dropped his first solo track “My Time” featuring Edem. That song signified the beginning of his reign in the rap game and also showed us a more matured rapper characterized by beguiling lyrics and excellent wordplay. That hit put faith into (HotJam) Medal’s unbelievers and saw his fan base increase.

Medal (HotJam) kept more heads nodding when he released hit after hit with his good friend and music producer, DredW (@Dredwofficial) and also as  he collaborated with artistes like E.L., D-Black, Gasmilla and Trebla. His formidably rap style characterised by double entendre and thought provoking words earned him the honour of contributing to Ghanaian US based producer Coptic’s “Coptic Presents: Rising Stars of GH Vol 1” Mixtape. His contribution to the mixtape, “Sweet Dreams” exposed listeners to different a side of (HotJam) Medal, a darker side where he trades places with the “opposition.”

His new name, Medal (Making Every Decision A Legacy), is a bold statement informing us of the rapper’s thirst to be a legendary rapper. Many have debated his transition from the name “HotJam” to “Medal”, but the rapper maintains he has his reasons and will share it with his fans when he releases his new single “Preach” (Produced by DredW).

In his new joint, Medal asked his fans to keep the fire burning and support him in his transition, but know that he hasn’t changed.

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