Guest Post: Even With Obinim, Our Police Could Seize Some Sense. . . Apart From The Angel.

Bishop Obinim

P-R-A-I-S-E T-H-E L-O-R-D! P-R-A-I-S-E T-H-E . . . now that should be enough.

Let’s leave the Lord alone and rather worry about our fate as a bunch of gutless and unwell people. Alas, we incur heaven’s wrath.

I have never seen nor heard the very popular Bishop Daniel Obinim preach the word of God. Not to scapegoat him, but i have never seen the Argentine national  domiciled in the Vatican called the Pope in any of his religious performance too.

The truth is, I do not find acts of the apostles of naysayers, collecting from the poor their hard earned money in Jehovah’s name, to be a fine art or amusing. But I am sure a search on google or  YouTube could give me a glimpse of the Pope’s act if I so desire to indulge in the sin of mocking God. Now let me deal with the man who is within arms reach and can’t invoke Jehovah’s angst upon me.

In today’s sermon, I’d waste a little bit of my life to thank J)n Mahama for his botched attempt at averting the verbal and literary hostilities that were about to be flurried unto what remains of his dignity and self respect when he remitted the #3idiots.

To be honest, I ordinarily wouldn’t give J)n this much credits, but hey “scriptum est enim quod scriptum est” what is written is written: Enter Article 72, exit the ‘Montie 3’.

So we are left with the politically orphaned Kojo Edem aka Bishop Daniel Obinim.

Bishop Obinim is not my dad. I also do not earn any fraction of his loot from the meek and poor. So I wish him a successful professional life as a prospective convict and as the official mascot for everything today’s church stands for: fraud.

If I were to spare a  thought on his pathetic and sorry life, I’d in all honesty wring any bit of credulity, I can find within me and praise his ability to use his little gumption to maximum effect.
Obinim the chronic lair, has succeeded in convincing a bunch of educated ignorants to willingly give their chop money to him in the name of God, and smile after their folly has been recorded in hell. And this happens on Sundays and every other day of the week he decides to hold his papal duties.

And if events of this past week is any indication, the collection of all forms of currencies  from the gullible would continue for a long time. A very long time just to emphasis.

Truth is, I am not sure he sits atop the pantheon of crooks clad in clerical garbs, masquerading as couriers to Jehovah’s piggy bank.

There are bigger ‘Saints’ in the Sunday ‘pickpocketing’ business but who am I to worry about volunteer fools?Anyways, ever since the dead Atta Mills granted personnel of the Ghana police service their labor rights to enjoy salaries according to the single spine pay structure, there has been some notable developments in the lives of our fellows who don’t make it in life and end up as bitter and terminally depressed pubic servants- posing as police officers.

In fact, it is so terrible that the head of the country’s police service is a walking Ph.D. fraud . . . Whilst the motto of the force reads “Service with integrity”. Integrity ben?

For example , we now have sweet looking female police officers shedding some spark unto the gloom that the entire service represented since nineteen-ko-jo-ho-hoo. . . And we are grateful.

Those of us who have had the distinguished honor of getting intimate with one or two can always testify to how good they taste when having intercourse with them. Intellectual intercourse I mean, so get your mind out of the mud.

But there is a worrying and contagious trend that must be curbed before it festers into an irreparable full scale foolishness. Assuming it isn’t already.

When Mr. Joseph Asiedu, the fine 19yr old idiot, ex con and career criminal saved us all the dread of relying on ‘forensics’ and a vastly tainted crime scene(the late MP’s home was filled with all manner of people and Police officials who were not wearing gloves), to unravel the murder of MP JB Danquah was apprehended in his ghetto, the first photos that made the news were unofficial shots taken from a camera phone. No official mugshot. No way. Not Dr. Kudalor’s officers. You could ask Mr Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson aka Bulldog. He was invited and kept against his will for murder. . .

Quite obviously a certain human being who was present at the time that the highly trained police human beings were ‘conversing’ with the then suspect, used his or her camera to snap away the spectacle.

Whoever that wise person was, he or she is still in a police uniform today because it couldn’t have been any other brave man than an official of our police service.

No serious Police personnel in territories that civilized people dwell would hazard that clear violation of privacy which could result in a civil suit against the tax payer through our glorious police service.

For at that stage in our quest to find the killer, Asiedu remained a suspect.  At worse, a sneaky paparazzi could have been the culprit.

Even to any uneducated eye, the angle of that particular first photo featuring Asiedu and the interrogating/arresting officer who had his gentle arms on the suspect’s shoulder was a clear indictment on the police because they were the only people on site.

An overzealous and properly commissioned police officer captured it not to aide the investigation(s), but to feel competent and useful. And then he shared it with us all. Imagine his or her smile after the act.

Police station is a public place of convenience where people go to primarily, lodge complaints and other matters.
But when it is raining, you can’t walk into that facility and seek shelter behind the counter or in their holding area.

Unless of course the police invite you to do so. So, let assume the worse scenario and picture a free person seeking temporal refuge: would such a person be in a comfortable position to take shots of a Bishop Obinim handcuffed together with his hype man? Or engage the good Bishop in a conversation for purposes of recording with his or her camera? WHO BORN DOG?

Has anyone seen the Obinim photos from the corridors of an obvious police ‘counter back’? The one that he is in the spirit and filled with a fart? The same photo shot that features his boy friend? His dumber side attraction to this whole farce?

Yep. That’s it.

Who took the photograph? Multimedia’s award winning David Andoh? Or our only Twitter officially verified blogger Ameyaw Debrah?
Or free lance ace photographer Bobby Pixel? Or Obinim’s ‘toto gabga’ loyal wife  ‘Frorence’?

There is also a TMZ style video file making the rounds featuring Obinim defecating on ‘Ewurade’ as a consented party in a clowning moment with his boyfriend whilst in police custody.

The footage in which he says ‘Ewurade knows about his arrest and blah blah blah’? Have you seen it? Well, I have.
Who was recording the interview session? His Lawyer Atta Kyea? I see. Where are our Human Rights activist? Or because it is an Obinim or an Asiedu so their claim to basic human dignity could be trampled on by worse dignified and uncouth police personnel?

Somebody needs to, in the very least start acting responsibly since professionalism,beyond all doubt, is beyond reach.

And let all believers say AMEN. . .

For this is what the word of God says : #TheNonsenseMustStop

By Bishop Kwame Agyemang Berko

(Poet. Essayist. Humorist.)

@uhurubardman on Twitter

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