GigPay Africa Event System Makes It Extremely Easy To Promote And Sell Event Tickets

You’ve used GigPay Africa in the past to carry out some of your financial transactions. It’s easy, convenient, and very user-friendly. Now, you’ll be happy to know that we have added a new module to it. You can promote your events and sell the tickets through the new system. Promoting and selling tickets for your events just got easier. So, let’s take a look at how it works:

  • The first thing you do is sign up at Once you have done that, the next step is to verify your account by uploading your identification card and a proof of address document (A light bill or Water bill). To make matters easier, we have released a progressive web application (PWA) which supports all kinds of operating systems. It doesn’t matter if you have an iOS, Android, or Windows system. The app will work with everything. download and install our PWA app on your phone and use it as a regular app. 
  • Then, you can create your event. It could be anything ranging from a street walk to a party at the beach and everything in between. Remember, there is no one certain event you have to focus on. After that, you create the tickets packages for that event.
  • Now, GigPay Africa will review the event that you have created before publishing it. This might take a bit of time. However, rest assured, it will not take too long (1/2 hours). 
  • Once GigPay Africa has reviewed and published it, it is visible to everyone. You can then begin the marketing by sharing the event on your social media. Make sure your target audience has access to it. 
  • Your audience will then buy the ticket if they are interested in the event. It’s easy enough to do, as all they have to do is click on the event and it will direct them to the tickets page. It will show them the number of available tickets. They can select how many they want and take it from there. Once the buyers have purchased the ticket, they will get an email, SMS of the ticket code. They can also easily view it on the app. So they don’t have to fret about waiting to see if the transaction has gone through.
  • GigPay Africa also makes sure that your tickets are verified. GigPay Africa has a verification system in which all the tickets sold are authenticated with a QR code. At the entrance, you can use your phone camera to and scan the tickets using the QR code scanner. You also have the option to enter the ticket number to verify it.
  • When your event is over, you can easily collect your money. There is no hassle to it. The GigPay Africa system releases the amount you made from the tickets you sold into your wallet balance within 3 days. It’s there for you to withdraw. 

Now promoting your event and selling the tickets has become even easier. Plus, you don’t have to worry about misplacing the money as gigpay keeps it safe until the time comes to release it directly in your wallet. Didn’t we tell you it is super easy and convenient to use gigpay?

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