Ghana Music Awards UK Is Not A Travel Agency – Kwasi Ernest Debunks Visa Racketeering Allegations

Managing Director of Media Excel and a member of the Ghana Music Awards UK, Kwasi Ernest has shot down allegations that suggest that a lot of event organizers are replicating the Ghana Music Awards in other parts of the world for various purposes including visa racketeering.

Speaking on behalf of Ghana Music Awards UK, Kwasi Ernest told Kwame Dadzie, the host of Showbiz A-Z on Joy 99.7FM that the awards organization was only tasked with organizing competent awards and not to serve as an agency responsible for granting visas.

“We are not a travel agent. Ghana Music Awards UK is not a travel and tour organization. We are an award scheme organization and our primary function is to organize an award scheme competent (sort of) to be able to sustain the industry’s growth. What we do additionally is to create also an enabling platform for Ghanaian businessmen who are seeking an opportunity to sell their brands (their manufacturing productions) to people companies outside. We give them that enabling platform to be able to showcase their products and that’s what we’ve done.”

According to Kwasi Ernest, the awards scheme has always been responsible for travelling with only people who matter to the event.

“As far as I know, the people we take to the UK every year have to do with the technical people, the musicians, media persons and some instances, people from the Ministry. These are the chain of people who join us in London,” he said.


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