Five siblings, who were all born in different years, share the same birthday (PHOTO)


You never hear of siblings having the same exact birthday as each other, unless it’s a pair of twins or a set of triplets, but that’s about to change.

It was recently discovered that in the Cummins family, there are a lot more than two or three people who share the same birthday. In total, five siblings share a birthday and there are absolutely no twins, triplets, etc. involved!

Catherine, Carol, Charles, Claudia, and Cecilia were all born on February 20th and according to Times Dispatch, when the last child with the birthday – Cecilia – was born, the family already figured she’d be born on the same day as all of their other children.

Cheryl Cummins – another sibling with a different birthday – told the site:

“We went ballistic. Cecilia got a cake on the day she was born and didn’t even know. I love it when the birthdays come around because no one believes it,”

The family has now set the World Record for “the only verified record of a family producing five single children with the same date of birth.”

This is definitely an amazing feat for a family, and we can’t imagine how much cake that family has to eat on the 20th of February!

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