Editorial: Victoria Hammah And How She Dug Her Own Grave

Been following the saga of the Vickyleaks for sometime now and I did not make much comments on it till now because I wanted to analyze certain things before making my comment. Many are asking why did the driver do that? Now here is why.

Before I give my analysis, we need to go down memory lane. During her vetting, she had something for her critics and this what she said, “Since my nomination, I’ve seen all forms of attacks from all quarters, even including some former students and activists, who have wholly participated in opposition politics. Since they left school, they’ve never worked and sadly they’ve PHD to determine how I can perform, given this mandate in the ministry…” That was the first axe to the ground to start digging her own grave.

After her “where is the speech I edited” saga, Samuel Nii Narku Dowuona, sent her a word of advice in her inbox, which evaporated into the media and she said a whole lot of things, to the extent of even threatening the man by saying, “you fool – don’t f**k with me – I will cause mourning in your family soon – this is not a threat it is a promise” That was the second blow, deepening the grave.

Now, in the tape, you hear her saying, “…Me, I told Rachel that it’s dangerous but as for me, I understand politics very well. When I make 1 million dollars (inaudible voice). If you have money, then you can control people. People can listen to you. It’s crazy…”

Many of us have our mind on the “1million dollars” statement she made, thinking that was her aim, to make 1million and quit politics. But the main aim is there, staring at us, but we’ve all ignored it. Her main aim is not the 1million dollars, her main aim is to be able to CONTROL PEOPLE. The 1million dollar is just a stepping stone. That is enough to describe the character we have here.

Apart from this, we’ve heard her making a lot of comments which are unpleasant in the media which I believe is not good for a Deputy Communication Minister to voice out.

All this defines the person in question, so we should ask ourselves, if such a person can go about arrogantly speaking bad about, even her own colleagues, HOW WILL SHE TREAT HER DRIVER. A woman who wants to make money so she can control people, will definitely be controlling her driver because though she hasn’t made 1million dollars yet, she’s made enough to control her driver. Let’s put the COUSIN tag aside for once, don’t you think the driver might have emotions, ambitions of also making money to also get out of her grips so he can also get the respect he needs?

By now I believe you’ve seen the weak link there. That is how the driver can easily be influenced. So in the nutshell, I believe she dug her own grave by not being polite to people. And like the Akans say, “ansa na y3 wo akodaa nyansafoo no, na opanyin kwasia ti asi”
If you get a post, it doesn’t give you the mandate to disrespect everybody, even people who were once your boss, it can cause your downfall. She should also have known this, the statement “Politics is a dirty game” has been in existence since the days of Caesar.

I rest my case..

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