Download!! “It is Possible: The Bola Ray Story” Now Available Online

A lot has been said about the biography and for many who are unable to grab the hard copies of “It is possible: The Bola Ray Story”, we make it available for download.

According to Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi well known in the media industry as Bola Ray, the journey to writing the book started 2 years ago. Read from below;

“TWO-AND-A-HALF YEARS ago, the process to get this book done started. It was motivated by a conversation on how important it was to capture, in appreciable detail, the key happenings in my life over the years.

From sketching to editorial sessions, we have managed to put together this piece of work you are about to read.
While this material represents the Bola Ray story so far, it is also that of the many people who came my way during the journey to the top; it stands for every little investment they made to ensure that, today, we get to celebrate together.

Special mention goes out to all the people who supported this project: friends, colleagues, old and current, and associates among a tall list the author contacted for this book. The author told me about how immensely you supported him throughout the process. Your commitment taught me that, after so many years, you still had me in your thoughts. I am grateful.

To my wife Dorcas – as always – you have helped in building a man adored by many. It’s been a journey. Your Chapter 10 tale perfectly sums up all that we have shared over the years.

To my parents Gladys Adisi and John Kwame Adisi; my brothers Bernard Adisi, Andrew Joel Kwabena Adisi, and Kevin Adisi, your continuous inspiration has aided our collective growth over the years. To Professor Kwesi Yankah, Alhaji Abubakari Sidick, Kwasi Twum, and Dr. Duffuor and family; I appreciate you all and how you continue to shape my life.

This book is for every single soul out there who is ready to shine.

It is Possible. – Bola Ray”

It is Possible: The Bola Ray StoryDOWNLOAD

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