Delta Airlines apologizes for ignorant tweet about Ghana during Ghana-USA match

After a huge uproar by  a lot of people worldwide on the ignorant tweet from Delta Air Lines Inc. during the Ghana-USA world cup game on Monday June 16 2014, the company via its official website has issued an unqualified apology and asked its numerous customers worldwide to forgive them as it would never happen again.

During the game on Monday, Delta Airlines tweeted an image of the Statue of Liberty which represented America and represented Ghana with a giraffe which was totally out-of-place and absurd.

DeltaIn a statement on its website, Delta said that the tweet “was both inaccurate and inappropriate.”

The ignorant tweet got a lot of people talking including Ghanaian born UK-based Afrobeats artist Fuse ODG who advised African clients via Instagram to be careful in patronizing the services of the company.

*REPOST* @Delta Calling all Africans and educated human beings around the world…to think twice before using the services of Delta airline so they understand the seriousness of their comments!!!! I hope all Americans aren’t this ignorant! How the hell does a Giraffe represent Ghana! I’ve never seen a giraffe in the middle of Accra before. Delta airline Ethical Principles: Act with Integrity Respect and Support Each Other Act in a way We can be proud of Listen Now it’s really evident that they are not communicating these ethics across the company because that tweet does NOT reflect the stated principles. I am tired of these established bodies and figures saying and posting these ignorant statements We going to keep bombarding you until we “get an answer”, as you have stated in your code of ethics and business conduct

Delta Airlines Inc. was not the only company to have caused such a blunder during the game as Talk Show host and  comedian Ellen DeGeneres also sent a tweet that got many talking. She however deleted the tweet few minutes later. Check the tweet from below.


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