Brother Sammy Would Have Been Struck By Thunder If We Were In The Olden Days – Arnold

Entertainment journalist and Arts critic, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, has described as “mad and silly” a recent antic employed by Gospel musician, Brother Sammy to promote the launch of his new album.

In a video posted to his Instagram a week ago, the musician is seen admonishing an actress to shake her buttocks to the glory of God.

Speaking on United Showbiz on UTV, Arnold condemned the musician’s reckless antic stating that the supposed unconventional nature of the musician was sickening and had to be called to order by all and sundry.

“As I sit here, I am praying that God would give me patience because the foolishness is becoming too much. The point is in the House of the Lord, what we saw is very shameful, very disturbing and very troubling. See these are some of the silly things being done in the Jerusalem temple that caused Jesus to use a whip on them because, in the eyes of the Lord, it’s an eyesore. ”

“If we were in the olden days when God was so far unforgiven, he would have been struck by thunder, fire or anything because you cannot do this in the house of the Lord. It is abominable” he said.

Despite being a Gospel musician, Brother Sammy seems unconventional and doesn’t mind employing any antic to court attention for himself to achieve his purpose.

A few weeks ago, Brother Sammy was seen in a viral video that sought to suggest a scuffle between himself and a colleague Gospel artist, Ernest Opoku Jnr.

Eventually, it turned out the video was aimed at courting attention towards Ernest Opoku’s album launch.

Watch the said video below.

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