Britney Spears Wears Skintight Minidress And Over-Knee Boots To CHURCH

Just when many thought all was good in the Britney wardrobe hood, she puts a major spanner in the works.

The star suffered an epic fashion fail over the weekend when she decided it would be a good idea to wear a super-short, skintight dress with over-knee boots to the Calvary Community Church in Thousands Oaks, California, with her boyfriend, David Lucado.


Things had been looking up, with a great red carpet appearance at the Smurfs 2 premiere last week. But she’s slipped back into some (very) bad habits here, alright. The two-tone dress serves to emphasize her bust (and not in a good way), while even she looks awkward with the length and the fact it’s two sizes too small.

And we won’t even get started on the hair.

C’mon Britters, we know you can do better than this. Perhaps she should pray for a new stylist while she’s there.

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