“Blame Movie Producers and Directors for Abusive and Insulting Languages in Akan Movies” – FIPAG Secretary

General Secretary of the Northern sector of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Mr. James Aboagye has asked the general public to lay the blame at the doorstep of movie producers and directors for the incessant use of abusive and derogatory language in most of the movies on the Ghanaian market. Mr James Aboagye

In a revealing discussion on the Kapital Entertainment Unplugged Show on Kapital Radio which sought to identify the commencement of the use of abusive language in the Akan movies as many believed it started from the inclusion of “Concert Party” actors and actresses, Mr. James Aboagye revealed the inclusion of the actors and actresses from the “Keysoap Concert Party” actually gave life to the movie industry and asked movie critics and the Ghanaian community not to blame the actors and actresses or tag them as insulting ones but rather the movie directors and producers as the actors and actresses only acted on commands by these producers and directors.

He also blamed the collapse of the Film Review Board as a factor as the committee was responsible for allowing and disallowing particular movies from being released and stated the collapse has therefore allowed film producers and directors to release movies without censorship and guidance.

He however advised fellow film producers and directors to be mindful of what they produce as the society is really influenced by the messages their productions carry.

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