BBA The Chase: Who’s Up For Eviction This Week?

This week’s Nominees are all hot and sexy, how does one choose who to keep?

Dillish, Feza, Hakeem, Koketso and LK4 have kept tongues wagging since they entered the House and could just be in the Top 10 hottest Housemates this Season. The only snag now is, at least one of them will be leaving The Chase on Sunday. Those who Vote based on looks are in trouble because this time they won’t know who to keep in the game. Noms

Dillish – “The delicious Dillish” as IK refers to her is simply beautiful. Dillish is stunning with or without makeup, whether she’s asleep or awake, happy or sad. The girl’s just got it.

LK4 – His abs and tattoos give him that bad boy image which gets the ladies crazy. It’s no wonder three ladies confessed to having a crush on him in the House. His towering height and the fact that he is a professional basket baller makes him even more attractive.

Hakeem – Hakeem, Hakeem, Hakeem! Where do we even start? He’s got a body to die for and if you missed his exercise session during the wee hours of the morning then you haven’t seen anything yet. The guy exercises in his briefs, what more can a girl ask for. Well, he’s a personal trainer so you can tell he puts in a lot of work to achieve that body.

Koketso – Her sexy eyes stare as if they can see right into one’s soul. Always immaculately dressed, she never has a hair out of place and this makes her really attractive. As the saying goes; “If you can’t love yourself, how can you love someone else?” Have you even seen that body? the girl works hard on what her momma gave her and she looks amazing – a work of art.

Feza – The only red-haired in the game whose beauty sips through all that boldness. It takes guts for a Black girl to pull off red hair and no one does it better than the gorgeous Feza.

It looks like deciding on who deserves to go will be a tough one this week. This is The Chase and the game is getting tougher by the day and it’s just the second Nominations.

Word of advice: Forget about how hot this week’s Nominated Housemates and focus on how they have been playing the game. Have they been entertaining enough to score another week in The Chase? Fact is; none of them are indispensable in this game so at least, one of them must go home on Sunday. Who will it be?

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