BBA Feature: Will it be Elikem or Oneal?

It’s evident that the Elikem and Oneal Head of House contest is more than just that.

This is now an ego trip and the two guys need to prove to each other and to the rest of the House, who is boss. Though being HoH means you’re the House boss, for these two gents, it’s way more than that. Faceoff

A mere Toilet-Raper Unrolling contest led to a tie between the two lads and so did the rematch. Just before the rematch started, the whole House descended outside to witness the two giants go head to head.

The look on their faces showed just how badly they wanted this. Fate had it that should one of them win; then Africa would be in for an inflated ego and unending boasting. So, they tied again.

Unfortunately, Africa will have to wait for Sunday to know exactly what will happen between these two Chasemates in their quest for honour. Should Elikem be booted out of The Chase on Sunday, then Oneal will take over the reins but if the Ghanaian Housemate survives the chop, then it’s on.

So, what will it be Africa? Will Oneal get a smooth ride or should Africa be ready for Monday’s ultimate face-off?

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