Alleged Woman Beater And Co Founder of Chale Wote, Nii Mantse Sends Police After Wanlov

Embattled Co Founder of popular annual Ghanaian street festival Chale Wote, Nii Manste has sent Ghana police after outspoken musician  Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu well known as Wanlov.

According to Wanlov who is currently out of the country, Nii Mantse sent police officers to Panji’s (his manager) house to search for him for saying things which have already been substantiated by his (Nii Mantse) ex girlfriend.

In a post, he wrote ;

“Panji just called to let me know that the woman beater/sexual predator/opaque CEO Mantse Nii Aryeequaye of Chale Wote/Accradot Alt /Sabolai Radio / & Redkatt Pictures, sent Ghana Police to his house to look for me because I said things about Mantse the criminal that the victim herself has come out to say. I dey go Yerevan come. U stupid idiot. Instead of stepping down & apologizing, u wan turn fascist shut we all down? All your companies die finish! Cretin like yor type”

Nii Manste has in the past few days  been  hit with a barrage of accusations  by ex girlfriend  Dr. Sionne Rameah Neely.

In a lengthy post,  the ex girlfriend accused Nii Mantse of several maltreatment including  threats on her life.

Missed her version of  Speaking My Truth.

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Serious Accusations Including Threats To Kill Levelled Against Chale Wote Co-Founder Mantse

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