Akon Is Building His Own City And Should Be Ready In About 10 Years!

It feels good to own a mansion right?

How about a whole city to yourself?  Well, Senegalese  born musician Akon is about doing the unthinkable! An Akon City is under construction.

Akon recently stopped by Nick Canon’s morning show to discuss what he’s been up to, including the massive city he’s bringing to Senegal.

In the interview, Akon not only confirms he’s been building his city since March, but he also says the city will be called ‘Akon City.’

He also adds the whole city will be ran on renewable energy sources. Along with that, the city will also have an airport for us non-city owners to fly in and out of!

Akon  not only has been building his city, but he also has plans to use his cryptocurrency, ‘AKoin” to build the city’s economy. If you didn’t know, Akon’s been KILLIN’ it when it comes to his business ventures. Akon has dedicated his life to helping people in Africa. Most recently he has been credited with ringing electricity to over 600 million people in the continent.

This whole things feels like Akon is really bringing ‘Wakanda’ to life! Right now, he said the project is expected to take about 10 years and stage two of his building process will begin in 2025.