AJ Nelson Calls For Name Change of Al-Qaeda Dance

Ghanaian musician AJ Nelson has expressed dissatisfaction about the name Al-Qaeda that has been adopted into Ghana’s entertainment circle according to information gathered by citifimonline.com.

The person who originated the dance Al-Qaeda I don’t know the state of mind in which he was in, but we should change the name because it is not too pleasant, he said.

AJ Nelson
AJ Nelson

AJ Nelson said: “Al-Qaeda people are people noted for causing and fomenting trouble worldwide. They are not people that should be glorified or praised in any way in our society.”

According to him, he does not like the name because “it’s a negative name” and is likely to affect the dance as well as songs that go with it globally.

“I am not against the dance, what I am against is the name. You should Google it, you will know what it stands for” he stressed.

“I don’t think I would see any white person doing the Al-Qaeda dance on any platform even hundred years from now like Azonto came and it didn’t take two or three years for Azonto to blow up across the globe” he explained.

He added the idea that Al-Qaeda people are Moslems is a wrong perception because “Al-Qaeda people are not real Moslems since real Moslems would not hurt or harm one another.

We stand for peace and that is what the Quran preaches.”

He added that for the sake of the entertainment industry and what the Ghanaian industry hopes to achieve, the name should be changed.

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