3 New Hang Outs To Check Out When Visiting Kumasi

Known among the cities that never sleep, Kumasi has grown to be a very vibrant city with majority of its urban folks looking out for new places to hang out and chill either in the evenings or weekends.

For many who used to visit the city some years back, one could not miss the busy streets of Bantama. However, same cannot be said today as the once busy streets seem dead with very little engagements going on there.

The growing youth prefer new hang outs and so as an authority on things concerning Kumasi, Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture And Urban Entertainment -www.nydjlive.com brings you three (3) of the latest and finest places to check out when visiting the Golden Kingdom.

In particular order, kindly check them out and don’t forget to add your own review of places to check out when visiting Kumasi.

Watch And Dine Cinema

With almost every hangout in Kumasi being an eatery, we find it prudent to list Watch And Dine Cinema among the top 3 places to visit in Kumasi.

Located at the Kumasi City Mall, the one of a kind and first of its type in West Africa, the luxurious cinema brings a new experience to movie lovers who have long yearned to catch glimpses of their favourite movies in the comfort of a cinema and not the usual hotel and conference rooms.

With superior acoustic sound and richer 3D imagery, you never miss any sound or sight as you feel a part of the movie.

Not just a cinema, it again brings the eatery experience as you can enjoy your favourite meal as you watch a movie.

The Basement Bar & Lounge; The Latest Addition To Kumasi’s Nightlife

Ike’s Cafe & Grill

Now who thought one could have such a big space at the Kumasi Cultural Centre for an eatery and place of comfort? I mean I never thought of but it is here today.

A great place to hang out with family and friends. With a very traditional setting and a large fish pond, one does not only enjoy the ambience but has the liberty to point to which catfish they prefer grilled for them. Yes, the “point and kill” experience.

Unlike many other places with items overpriced, you don’t need so much money to have a great moment with family and friends out there at Ike’s Cafe & Grill located right inside the Kumasi Cultural Centre.

Again, we will recommend this place to the very responsible young adult of family which prefers a very cool place to hangout. The kids are not left out as they are catered for as well.

Security is also top notch.

Remember, they’ve got a number of TV screens all over so you could catch a glimpse of the latest EPL or Champions League.

Ol ‘Lady Sports Bar & Lounge

For many who knew New Orleans near Miklin Hotel in Kumasi, there’s a new baby and that’s Ol’ Lady Sports Bar.

Recommended for the very funky dudes (young and sexy) who want to hang out and chill during weekends, Ol’ Lady is obviously that place you are most likely to meet likeminded individuals especially from the various tertiary institutions around.

With a beach styled relaxing chairs in condominiums and at the same time comfortable stools in the main lounge. More than 20 mounted televisions beaming live matches, whiles you enjoy homemade cocktails..

If you’re thinking of having a moment with your partner, the Cabanas are perhaps your get away.

O’lady Sports Bar opens from 10 am through to midnight.

Was your favourite hangout in Kumasi listed above? Share with us which place we need to check out.

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