Yvonne Okoro laughs at publications of being broke and repeating a dress


Barely a week after a publication that sought to suggest that Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro was broke for recently repeating a yellow dress she wore from last two years, the ‘no nonsense’ actress has replied her critics and taken them to school by making references to other celebrities who repeated dresses not because they were broke.

The actress who is currently in Nigerian shooting a movie took to her Instagram page and shared a picture saying:

“finished filming n realised I got me an hour 2 spare on the silly article my sis sent to me crying n being broke cos I repeated an outfit geez so here are MILLONAIRES repeating outfits hmm they must b broke too.What r we going 2 do?i wonder wat Kate Middleton is eating and feeding her fam#plsdonate#plshelptheRoyalFam…Advice 2 young girls if it looks tht good let no1 tell u u can’t wear more than once#bringbackourgirlstoreality.Geez wat abt underwear,boxers y’all don’t recycle shiii y’all mst b insane.NO WASHand WEAR#lmao#dontgetittwisted#wegotdoeconfirmed#gotnothingtoprove”


Also reacting to unsubstantiated allegations of receiving a brand new Mercedes Benz from a Businessman in Ghana for free for whatever reason, the actress explained it was quite disheartening to read such news and referred to it as a “stupid article”. She laughed at it and stated she might be doing something right to have been given that car for free.

She however advised that we respected one another.

“For all those insinuating all celebrities are ashawo and we get everything from men TIP-2 get such a prezzie women put ur BACK into it wen in the bedroom cos I sure did#smfh#stupidarticle, so u got a guy he gives u card I got one and alledgely gives me a car hmmm#mstbedoingsomethingrite…aside all let’s respect one another#jokesapart”

Yvonne Okoro - nydjlive

The question I ask is, Is it ever wrong for any celebrity to repeat a dress or an attire? Are we not forcing our celebrities to live a life beyond them? I have had encounters with celebrities who have had to resort to illegal businesses and drugs just to make up to what socity expects of them.

To me, these people are just as ordinary people as we are. What do you think?

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