Yvonne Nelson Speaks: “I Think Society Is Too Hard On Most Of Us..”

Since her interview with WOW Magazine confirming the birth of baby girl, baby dad her new found happiness, Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has made headlines.

Either for all the congratulatory messages or the negatives including being accused of breaking a Nigerian woman’s home but hey, Yvonne believes society is just to hard on some of them.

The actress who held the belief of marrying before getting pregnant reveals she was scared to inform her mum of the pregnancy since she (mum) also believed it was only right to get married before such a development.

Answering questions as to how her mum felt about the pregnancy and her standpoint now, she said;

“My mum, she used to be so big on marriage, she was very traditional, marriage then baby, until I got pregnant, its like everything changed, I guess your priority obviously changes to something else. She is now more concerned about the Baby.” She brushes a strand of hair out of her eyes.

“She doesn’t pressure me anymore with marriage you know, like its not like I am engaged or married or anything, it’s just that when it happens, it happens. As a woman you cannot marry yourself.”

She admits she’s not been a good example to the very traditional family who hold the assertion that women must not give birth out of wedlock.

“I believe if I say that, people might say I am not setting a good example, but I think society is just too hard on most of us. The fact is she adds, “Its good to get married, it’s the right thing to do, but then again if you are a woman and you think you are getting to a certain age and you want to have kids and you meet a responsible guy who hasn’t yet proposed but wants to do the same thing, it depends on you and him.

You can go ahead and do it, if u think the guy is right and responsible and he makes you happy, why not?” Marriage nowadays is just ceremony and a huge wedding. The whole marriage thing, that name is just so scary.”

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