Yvonne Nelson has friendship problems|Says John Dumelo is “acting” childish for not responding to her calls


Just as all the great warriors historians can mention had their flaws, so does the ‘Yaa Asantewaa’ of our time, actress Yvonne Nelson. Guess what her major problem is,? She can’t keep a friend!!

From the days of Jon Germain to Iyanya, Sandra Ankobia, Wanlov the Kubolor and now John Dumelo.

Yes, no one can choose friends for her and no one can ask her to keep friends she doesn’t want any more but when you can’t maintain ‘friends’ because of opposing views, then I’m tempted to think you have a major problem.

Yeah, she doesn’t mind sacrificing a well-built friendship just because you disagree on something and this is quite normal for someone who jumps at anyone just because you support her at one point in time and turns an enemy because you share an opposing view at another time.

For now, Sarkodie seems a cool “friend” because he supported her in the social media activism that pulled thousands to the streets to fight for a good cause but don’t be surprised to hear something different soon.

From describing John Dumelo as an “ass kisser” during the Dumsor Must Stop campaign , Yvonne now  describes John as “childish” for refusing to pick her calls and what did she expect? Hit at him on social media and expect him to be all smiles with you?


Wanlov the Kubolor’s friendship with the actress just hit the ditch because he shared a different opinion. He got blocked on Twitter and I’m tempted to think that whoever keeps a longer relationship with Yvonne is rather an “ass kisser” since you need to do that to survive.

Well, in a new video shared by Pulsegh, Yvonne describes John Dumelo as acting childish for refusing to pick her calls.

Watch the video from below.

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