Where From This Arrogance? You’re A Little Kid – Hammer Takes On YouTuber Wode Maya

Renowned Ghanaian music producer, founder and CEO of The Last Two Music Group, Edward Nana Poku Osei also known as Hammer has a word of advice for popular Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya.

The producer who has a long history of churning out talents and producing hit records has advised the YouTuber to stay humble and “enjoy his newfound prominence and be humble” than remain arrogant and disrespect Ghanaian musicians.

In a 9 minutes 41 seconds video, Hammer who felt disrespected by the utterances of the YouTuber said;

“I was enjoying the conversation until I chanced on blatant arrogance. I don’t know what is wrong with this guy but I would advise him to enjoy his newfound prominence and be humble, sit down. This guy goes off on musicians in saying that they don’t know how to handle their YouTube accounts so somebody else owns their YouTube account and it’s so painful to listen to such ignorance and arrogance…”

Watch Hammer address Wode Maya.

“What have you done for our music?” He quizzed.

Days ago, Wode Maya in a collaborative interview with Jessica Opare Sarfo stated emphatically that most Ghanaian musicians did not own their YouTube channels because they were ignorant about how the platform works hence outsourcing them to multi-channel networks (MCNs).

The YouTube channels of all our top artists in this country are owned by somebody. They don’t own their own channels. Almost all the artists that we have in Ghana. They don’t even know how to manage their own channels

Asked if perhaps it was due to their busy schedules, Wode Maya responded saying, “they don’t know. It’s not about not having the time…”

Watch Wode Maya in an interview with Jessica Opare Saforo.

Wode Maya is yet to pass comment on Hammer’s post.

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