What To Look For When Hiring A Band

Hiring the ideal band for your special event is not always that easy. There are many considerations you should take into account that will ensure that you’re totally happy with the final result. The type of event, the average age of your guests, along with your available budget and the theme of the event usually play a crucial role in your final choice. Here are the most important things you should look for when hiring a band.

1. Choice of music

By far the most important thing you should look for in a band is their list of music. If their taste in music matches your own and the one you wish to deliver to your audience, then you are good. If you have any hesitations, you could discuss them with the members of the band and see for yourself if you can change a bit the whole program to adapt it to your needs. Taking into account the preferences of your audience should, also, be a top priority.

2. Go for experienced bands

Experience plays an important role when selecting the best band for your special event. When a band is busy and has a lot of reservations, it usually means that it can deliver good results and that it’s organized and has all the necessary equipment. In order to get a taste of the band’s performance, you can watch parts of their past performances. Well-known bands usually provide such videos on their websites. Fortunately, you can use some online sites to help you come in touch with the most popular bands in your region. If you happen to reside in Utah, for example, there are some sites where you can get reliable information regarding each band. However, according to Best Utah Bands, a really good band won’t need much to gain your trust as most of them will have their reputation speak for themselves. But, of course, it wouldn’t hurt to do your own research.

3. Dressing code

The members of the band will certainly not be wearing formal clothes that your guests have chosen for this special occasion. However, they could still stick to a dressing code if you wish it. Excluding the use of ripped clothes, shorts or heavy costumes could be requested for the band when you discuss the terms of your cooperation.

4. Pricing

Surely among the most important terms of your agreement, pricing depends a lot on the budget you have in mind for this special event. Hiring a cheap band may result in unsatisfactory results, while a more well-known and experienced band will most probably provide you with better services. However, that’s not always the truth. There are actually many new bands that are keen on providing clients with top quality services. They will also ask for less money. In any case, setting an initial budget and sticking to it can save you from unnecessary trouble in the future.

5. Connection with the audience

When you choose a band, you should ensure that their performance matches with the needs of your audience. For example, you cannot expect a middle aged group of guests to be overly enthusiastic with a teen band. On the other hand, younger people will normally prefer some loud music. Having a clear image of your guests and their preferences will ensure that you choose wisely. If your audience is mixed up, you should opt for a band that can provide different music styles, so that everyone gets to be satisfied in the end. It is also important that you choose a band that looks friendly and that can provide an interactive show, meaning that they try to make your guests participate in some of their live acts.

6. Check the band’s gear

Unfortunately, many bands pay little attention to their gear and that affects a lot of their final performance. Asking in advance about the quality of the gear, as well as about any extra equipment they use in their shows is crucial.

7. Provide backup for the band’s equipment

Once you hire a band, you should check beforehand whether the equipment they use goes accordingly to your power supply. Imagine how bad you will feel if the sound suddenly shuts down due to an overload when your guests are dancing. If the venue doesn’t have a stable power supply, it is important that you ask for a backup generator. The band may have their own backup system, so be sure that you discuss it before you hire them.

8. Setup time

The band will need some time to set up their equipment the day of the event. You should be careful to provide your band with the necessary time before your guests arrive. Their speakers, lights, power and equipment in general should be in perfect condition and ready. Sound check, as well as the necessary tune up should be completed before the initiation of the show, as well.

9. Show them your support

The band may have to travel a long way in order to reach your venue. If that is the case, provide them with some refreshments or drinks when they arrive, Offering them a meal during their break could also be a generous and well-appreciated gesture. It will also make them wish to satisfy you and your guests all the more until the end of the event. After the end of the event, it is also common that you tip each member of the group, provided that you are satisfied with their performance.

10. Make a contract

Contracts can really save you from misunderstandings that may negatively affect the whole event, as well as your mood. Setting the terms of your agreement and sticking to them is vital and shows professionalism from both sides. Remember to state clearly the setup time, date, number of members, equipment and compensation details in your contract. Any professional band should provide you with this contract before they ask you to put a deposit down.

The type of music you choose for your special event can really change the whole atmosphere and mood of the place. Having the above important details in mind before you hire your band will ensure that no misunderstandings or false expectations occur that will affect this special day. After all, having everything organized and ready before your guests arrive is important. It will show that you have given the whole event some thought and that you have planned everything in order to satisfy your dear audience.

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