“We are not in a rush to get married..” Jozy talks life with Mark Okraku Mantey

Josephine Adjei-Tenkorang

Even though she has been in a relationship with popular music producer Mark Okraku Mantey for as long as 10 years and has two daughters with him, television personality Josephine Adjei-Tenkorang, aka Jozy, says she is comfortable and has no fears at all about losing him.

“Mark and I have grown to like and appreciate each other. This is not to say that everything has been smooth, we have had our bad times but throughout these years, we have learnt to accommodate each other, studied each other and know our strength and weakness  and due to this we cannot break up,” she said in an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday.

“For me, relationships are all about complimenting each other and when you get to that level nothing can come between you two. Even as his baby mama, I am still convinced that with or without marriage I am safe with him and he is safe with me,” she said.

One may think that Mark is only blunt when it comes to his job or playing the role of a judge but according to his baby mama, he is no different when it comes to his relationship with her.

“Mark is someone who doesn’t sugar coat his words or would say something to please you, no. He is a straight forward person, if it is not nice, he will tell you straight to your face, he is not like the men who cannot tell the women in their lives whether a particular hairstyle looks good on them or not.

“He is one person who criticises me a lot and for me, I appreciate that. His way of doing things always keeps me on my toes and I always strive to get things done right,” the host of Talented Kids on TV3 said.

“On the other hand, he is very understanding, easy going, hard working, full of laughter, God fearing and passionate about his work,” she added.

Commenting on if she is not perturbed about the negative tag that people in society give to women who have kids out of wedlock and in her case, it might even be worse as she is a television personality, she had this to say: “Of course not, I am not worried or bothered. After all society will talk about anything and anyone

In  reply to when they would consider marriage since dating for 10 years is enough time for two madly-in-love adults to settle down, Jozy said, “we are not in a rush to get married, we are still young and are putting things together and when everything is finally set, we will let Ghanaians know.”

Jozy is the third of four children born to Mr and Mrs Adjei Tenkorang both based in Tema, She comes from Akropong Akwapim in the Eastern Region. She is an old student of Abuakwa State College, Kyebi and she did a short course in Broadcast Journalism at The  Ghana Institute of Journalism (Gij) and she is a graduate of Central University College in Accra.

She was the host of Music Music, Mentor, Who Is Behind, Duck Woman Of Change and a member of a working professionals group called Paddies.

She has two daughters with Mark Okraku Mantey; Ama Okyerewa Okraku Mantey, 7years and Akua Mantebea Okraku Mantey, 1 year, 5 Months.

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