Watch: Looks Like Bonang Sees Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Her Book

According to TV personality Bonang Matheba, there’s nothing wrong with her recently published memoir Bonang: From A-B.

The self-acclaimed “Queen B” has finally spoken out on why she retracted her already published book which was doing so well in the market until certain errors were detected on it.

Shortly after it was released, the book started trending for all the wrong reasons. Twitter was ablaze with both grammatical and factual errors pointed out from the book. The heat was so much that the publisher had to step in and subsequently, the book was recalled with the intention of editing and republishing it.

Nevertheless, it seems like Bonang does not see the need for this and only agreed to retract the book to shut people up. Speaking on her reality TV show Being Bonang on Vuzu Amp, she said she had instructed the publishers to republish her book because of “what people thought was wrong with it”. Apparently, she didn’t give the order based on what was actually wrong with the book.

In a video clip from the reality show, Bonang is heard saying:

“So there was drama surrounding my book, so I said, you know what, in order to keep these people quiet, let’s take this book back, reprint it and fix the things they thought were wrong with the book and re-release it. “It’s going to be a brand-new edition coming out at the end of this particular week. My book tour starts again and I think it’s so awesome that my fans have been supportive. I’m so excited. I think there is a reason why everything happens. Now the book is even better.”

In other words, Bonang simply does not see anything wrong with her book despite the fact that social media users pointed out several errors in the memoir.

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