Wanlov the Kubolor advocates for politicians to be killed


This is not the first time and would probably not be the last time Ghanaian musician, Wanlov the Kubolor will address societal issues through the best medium available to him, music.

The musician who has often been tagged controversial with his lifestyle and approach to music has in a new music video released addressed political figures and their cunning ways.

The musician in the song advises people not to buy into the lies of the politicians since they will never change. He further states that the politicians enjoy all the luxury while the ordinary citizen suffers and calls for such people to be killed.

Although he doesn’t make a direct mention of politicians, the message is quite clear as to who he targets.

In a song sang in pidgin, Wanlov says;

“dey no dey care about light off
dey get dema generators

dey no dey care if the road roff
dey get dema land cruisers

dey no dey care about traffic
dey get dema police escorts

dey no dey care about justice
dey get dema police and courts.”

Watch the video of new song Never Go Change

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