Video: I’ll Choose A Sexually Active But Poor Guy Over The Other

Often, the issue of sex is a no go area for many yet families are torn apart because of the many challenges asociated with it.

Today, I caught up with two young women, Kuks and Abrisca who shared their opinions with me on sex and how important it is to women. They also shared their opinion with me on who they’ll choose if they came into contact with A Sexually Inactive But Rich Guy Or A Sexually Active But Poor Guy.

According to Abrisca, sex is really important and with a resolution not to cheat, she’ll opt for the poor guy who can satisfy her sexual needs.

Kuks doesn’t mind marrying a rich but sexually inactive guy but has a plan, the money could be invested in a young dude who can do exactly what her man can do.

Watch the discussion from below and feel free to leave your comments on our YouTube channel.

Watch the ladies speak to the issue and what informs their choices.

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