Video Highlights: Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Conor McGregor

It didn’t look the way most of us thought, but Floyd Mayweather Jr. did what he said he would.

He knocked out Conor McGregor in the 10th round, but the UFC lightweight champion did himself proud considering his lack of boxing experience and the caliber of opponent he faced.

The Analysis

McGregor won some rounds early and even landed this nasty counter uppercut.

None of the shots McGregor landed seemed to hurt Mayweather, but the success the Irishman experienced was more than many boxing pundits thought he could enjoy. Mayweather stayed composed throughout the fight and gradually turned up the heat beginning in the fourth round.

With each passing round from the fourth frame until the end, Mayweather cranked up the intensity and McGregor’s stamina begain to deteriorate. By the time the ninth round came, McGregor was flailing and flopping around the ring with no energy. Mayweather sensed his opponent was fading and he kept landing flush shots to the head.

McGregor escaped the ninth round, but in the 10th, a series of unanswered blows caused referee Robert Byrd to stop the fight. Here’s a look at the finish:

Mayweather captured his 50th win and McGregor took the loss, but he walked away with everyone’s respect. His awkwardness, size and athleticism gave Mayweather some issues early.

His heart and resolve kept him up through the ninth and 10th frames, but ultimately, Mayweather’s experience was just too much for the mixed martial artist to overcome. During the post-fight interview, Mayweather confirmed this would be his last fight, and he was gracious towards the fans and respectful to McGregor.

He acknowledged, the Irishman was much better than he expected.

McGregor was equally respectful to Mayweather, but he did express his displeasure with the stoppage. He said he was tired, but not damaged and would have preferred Byrd let him go down.

Purse Info

Per ESPN, Mayweather was guaranteed $100 million, which means he made at least $3.5 million a minute from his purse, and that doesn’t count the promoter’s check he’ll cash. McGregor was guaranteed $30 million which equates to a little over $1 million per minute. That’s not a bad night of work.

Overall Entertainment Value

This was a much better fight to watch than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, although I’m a purists and I saw the beauty in what Floyd did to stifle Pac-Man. That said, fans surely felt more fulfilled after watching McGregor offer a more competitive fight than expected.

In the end, it is best Mayweather walk away and take on promoting full time. He didn’t look his sharpest on Saturday night and that’s to be expected at 40 years old. McGregor would be best advised to head back to the UFC. There are a number of hungry 155-pounders waiting to put hands on him there.

His star has only grown from this experience.

Watch video highlights from below.

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