(Video) Deborah Cox Captured ‘Chewing’ Fufu In Ghana And Twitter Is Not Having None of It

Ghanaian fans of Grammy nominated recording artist & Broadway star Deborah Cox seem to be having a field day.

This comes after the musician shared a video of herself enjoying one of the Ghanaian dishes fufu (pounded cassava and green plantain).

Although fans are excited about her experience, they wouldn’t have it especially as Deborah Cox  is seen ‘chewing’ the fufu instead of swallowing it.

Another thing that caught the attention of many was the fact she  was seen enjoying the fufu with a spoon! (That is ethically wrong right?)

Well, according to some followers and fans, that goes against the ‘etiquettes’ of  the highly rated dish.

Check out the video from below.

Deborah Cox was in Ghana for the  Ghana World Music Festival which took place at the Fantasy Dome in La, Accra.

Check out some of the hilarious comments from below.