Victoria Hamah Reveals Why She Lost The NDC Primaries In Kintampo North Constituency

Victoria Hamah, a contestant in the  NDC primaries  in Kintampo North Constituency has  listed a number of reasons that led to her loss as a possible member of parliament in the 2020 general elections.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, the former Deputy Minister of Communications under the erstwhile Mahama administration who was fired in 2013 after she was captured in a leaked tape revealing that she wanted to make one million dollars before quitting politics wrote;

“I didn’t win to represent my people of Kintampo North Constituency.

Actually I was rejected because my numbers were humiliating.

Yet I feel very Victorious because I campaigned on Truth!

MP is a service, well, at least for me. And I vowed never to use money to robe my people of their dignity.

I campaigned on a message hopping to inspire delegates to awaken in them a higher consciousness towards transformational change.

Elections in Ghana is so easy. Just make sure you are the highest bidder on the election day and you will surely win.

I couldn’t do so, despite that I am the most resourceful of the candidates; I have chosen the path of the Sanatana Dharma and I couldn’t betray it.

The result of elections in Africa is never the voice of God.

In Africa, politics strives on ignorance and greed and that does not in anyway represent God.

Three things that reflects the African consciousness; Money, Sex and Religion.”