Users of Gmail can now “attach” money through Emails


Users of Google mail account are now allowed to attach money to their messages and send it to people, even if they don’t have a Gmail address, Independent report.

The process of attaching money to emails is similar to attaching a document.

Hovering over the paper clip used to do so will now show a £ icon as well as the usual ones.

Clicking on that will allow you to enter how much you want to send.

The same method can be used to request money.

The good news here is that requests can be sent to anyone, whether or not they have a Gmail account.

But before you can use the service, you’ll be required to setting up a Google Wallet account, by linking a debit card or bank account.

Money can either be kept in Google Wallet, for use on Google Play, or moved back into a bank account.

Paying through Gmail has been possible in the US, but Google’s announcement marks the first time it will be possible in the UK.

The feature will be gradually rolled out to all UK Gmail users who are 18 years old.

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