TV & Radio Personality Naa Ashorkor scared of pregnancy?

In the typical Ghanaian community, most families would expect the cry of a baby in a couple’s home months after their wedding ceremony but it seems the family of recently married TV and radio personality Naa Ashorkor may have to wait a bit longer as the presenter seems scared of pregnancy.

In what the internet community has come to accept as a Throwback Thursday, (a day where people share old stories and pictures) host of Y Lounge on Y107.9FM took time to share some old pictures of her labour day which seemed to have scared the colleague presenter.

In a quick reply to Caroline’s tweet, Naa Ashorkor begged the former to stop frightening her with the pictures as she could not take it.

However, Caroline who could not hide herself mischievous self teased her colleague asking if she was already pregnant.


She further stated “everything pregnancy scares Naa”.

Well, could Naa Ashorkor be scared of pregnancy? I guess not.

Naa Ashorkor got married a couple of months ago and would not be surprised to attend a baby shower any time soon however she will cross the bridge when she gets to the river.