Truecaller Becomes One Out of 24 Developers to Launch for Android Wear

Truecaller Android Wear_bg

Truecaller just got a lot more futuristic by joining Google Android Wear! We are one of 24 developers to bring an app to the Android Wear platform. Our Truecaller users can quickly get caller or contact information straight to their Android Wear wrist watch, and not even have to open their phones.

How It Works:
Any user who has Truecaller installed on their Android phone will be able to have the same information displayed on their Android wearable- this means they can ID an incoming call, or detect if the call is a known scammer.


  • Time saver! Just look at your wrist, and choose if it’s worth your time to answer your phone!
  • Less distractions of trying to grab your phone when someone calls. Just quickly glance at your wrist for caller information.
  • Always know who is calling

Truecaller integration is available for free on Google Play. Users will not need to take any extra steps to get the app working on their Android wearable. The app will automatically be installed on a paired with Android wearable devices if they have Truecaller app open on their Android phone.

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