True or False? Light Skinned Ladies are unfaithful


This might not be the very detailed or scientific prove to anything but opinions shared by many which I felt I could share as well.

Lest I forget, it is worth sharing that I do not know the exact experience you might have had with a light skinned lady but if any of my experiences is anything to go by (not to say I am promiscuous) then I can confidently say that contrary to popular perception that light skinned ladies are unfaithful, I hold a different opinion.

Although mine might not have worked, it was really worth every time I spent. (wink)

Are light skinned ladies really unfaithful?

As I prepared for my third radio show (Ryse N Shyne) since joining Y102.5FM in Kumasi and thought of a possible way to engage my listeners via social media, I pushed out a question asking one thing people would avert in their lives should they be given the chance to go back into time and the answers were just amazing.

Although there were varied comments, one seemed dominant and guess what that was? Most people disclosed they would never date light skinned ladies again should they be given the chance and that left me shocked as I wondered what these light skinned ladies might have done to my guys.

I however had no option that to follow it up with a question asking if indeed light skinned ladies were unfaithful and OMG, over 90% of the comments confirmed the popular assertion.

With different reasons as to why light skinned ladies were unfaithful, some believed light skinned ladies were in high demand, hence their decision to take advantage of the situation. Others also believed it was more or less in their DNA and could never change from it even if they try.


With these popular mentality, would guys stop dating light skinned ladies? I dare say No!! Just as popular Ghanaian comic actor Agya Koo will say, “Obaa kokoo da mpa mu na yedum light aa, wohu no”, meaning “It’s easy to spot a fair lady in bed even in darkness”.

Well, none of these allegations could be substantiated r explained in detail but check out some of the comments and share your opinion.



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