Tips for Finding the Best Local Comedy Acts

Everyone loves a good laugh, and to share one with a crowd is an even better experience. A comedy act is a unique way to add energy and an interactive element to your party or event. If you are looking to hire a comedian, here are some things to consider during the process.

 Research the Type of Comedy You’re Looking For

Comedians often specialize in one type of comedy. What is your audience like? Would they prefer slapstick comedy or straightforward jokes? Should the comedian be completely clean in the content of their jokes, or is there room for some more mature comments? 

You should also consider whether you’d like a comedian who simply stands on stage to tell jokes, or prefers to involve the audience in the punch lines. If you’re holding a more interactive event, you may want the latter.

Put in a Call to Local Venues

Comedy scenes locally can be very tight-knit. Research what venues in your area host comedy acts and give them a buzz. They often act as agents for local comedians and may be able to recommend someone who is the right fit for your event.

Get Out and See a Show

In talking with local venues, find out when their next show is. There’s no better way to vet an entertainment act than to actually experience it yourself. 

Keep in mind that some clubs run traditional shows where the headliner act is often national, with openers being local. Clubs can also put on showcase shows that can have anywhere from half a dozen to 15 comedians lined up. This could give you a better breadth of talent to experience. 

Head to Social Media

Often places like Facebook have groups that are specifically for local entertainment scenes. Try searching the name of your city or region with “comedy scene” at the end to see what groups might come up. 

Additionally, you can utilize hashtags for your local comedy scene on social platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Posts by other users who have been to local comedy shows may point you in the right direction.

 Talk to People Who Have Hosted Like Events

Lean into connections you have and get recommendations from organizations or businesses that have already hired a local comedian. You want to be sure that the entertainer you choose has experience with the type of setting and audience you are hiring them for.

Contact the Talent Directly

A simple online search could bring up several comedians in your area. Seek out comedians on their own and view their websites and social media to get a feel for the type of comedian they are.

Be Specific with Your Request

Once you know what you want and need, gather all your information in one place before finalizing the entertainer you want. Double-check their availability, if they fit within your budget, and have the basics ready to share like time, place, date, and if they need anything more than a microphone and place to sit.

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