The Ten Commandments of a DJ

As I went online researching and preparing this morning as I  for my radio show, I found these intriguing commandments of a DJ which I felt I should share because I agreed to some of the commandments. Please feel free to comment on which one you feel shouldn’t have made it and which one should have been included.


1. Thou shall not commit train wrecks while mixing

2. Thou shall not play a pre- recorded mix

3. Thou shall not covet another DJ’s gig

4. Thou shall not use the auto or sync button

5. Thou shall not steal from another DJ

6. Thou shall not play bad requests

7. Thou shall not lie how busy you are when working

8. Thou shall not be envious of another DJ’s gear

9. Thou shall not blow speakers up

10. Thou shall not claim to be a DJ when you have only used a laptop

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