The Process: Comedian Waris Narrates How He Started Out As A Comedian

The journey to stardom could be a long journey or otherwise and there’s always been a process to trust. That of comedian Waris is no different.

Just like many others, Comedian Waris didn’t set out to become a comedian as it came to him by chance due to his ingenuity, ‘I didn’t have that dream of being a comedian, and it didn’t cross my mind but I was very funny and creative”

Speaking in an all-new interview with The Nation, the content creator narrated how he lost his job as a sound engineer after fire gutted his working place; a radio station.

“I used to be a sound engineer but after years of working, the radio station got burnt. Then one day, I saw a call for an audition for comedians, so I joined and came out with the 3rd position.”

According to the stand-up comedian cum actor who has been in the comedy space for six years, comedy is the best that has happened to him.

He urged young people who are creative enough to join the industry, adding that creativity pays; ‘it’s one of the best ventures especially when you hit the right audience and gather a huge fan base.  It also pays way beyond imagination if you manage your resources well,’ he said.

Waris who said Basketmouth makes him laugh like crazy added that creative idea comes to him when he is taking his bath.

“My ideas come up most when I’m bathing and reminiscing about things I have been through and how it could have been if it happened other ways. My ideas are mostly practical ideas.”

What would Comedian Waris be doing had he, not found comedy?

‘If I wasn’t a comedian, I would be a radio or TV sound engineer.

He added that the worse thing about his job is when people offer less than he truly deserves, while the best thing about his job is successfully creating good materials for the stage that works, “It feels like heaven,’ he said.

He also said that he tries to create balance by not being too serious all the time, ‘I’m a seriously unserious guy, I crack it to see my friends reaction, some times I go serious else I will remain unserious forever.”

To his credit, the Ghanaian comedian has performed on big platforms such as the Laughline Comedy Show, Laugh Kitchen Comedy Show, Music Magic and Comedy which was live on ETV GH, April Fools Comedy Show, Madagascar FIFA Competition, Winneba University comedy night, Pentecost University Hall week comedy and West Hill Mall.

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