“The Lion King” And “Avengers: Endgame” Make Box Office History

Disney continued  its unprecedented dominance of the film industry  this weekend with two historic milestones at the box office.

First,  The Lion King  debuted with an estimated $185 million at the domestic box office, an elephantine haul that further affirms Disney’s ongoing strategy of remaking its animated classics as (seemingly) live-action films.

Coupled with the $346 million  The Lion King  has made internationally, the film has already grossed $531 million worldwide. (It opened on July 12 in China, and rolled out in almost all other global territories starting July 17.)

Second,  Avengers: Endgame  officially surpassed 2009’s Avatar  as the highest grossing film worldwide of all time, with just over $2.79 billion in global returns.

Endgame’s accomplishment comes with a pair of asterisks, however.

On the one hand, Avatar’s previous record included a series of theatrical re-releases in 2010 with additional footage.