The Hustle of the Ghanaian Celebrity

I find it often difficult to tag most of our Ghanaian on screen and radio personalities as celebrities but for our Ghanaian context and as Wanlov D Kubolor will say “You appear on TV, you be celebrity”, I will refer to them in this article as “Celebrities”.

As I checked my email one afternoon in the course of my radio drive time show, I had received a song from a brother known widely in the showbiz industry as Rumor titled “Broke and Famous”. After listening to this joint, I was then drawn into the conclusion that most of our celebrities are living a double standard life as they seem to make the world believe it is all glamorous.

From my background as a Radio DJ, Entertainment Critique and friends with most of these “celebrities”, it is no lie telling you the hustle most of the radio personalities go through. It starts from borrowing wardrobes, smiling to the cameras despite the internal pain through to sleeping on empty stomachs.

Speaking to most of my friends who are really adored but for the purpose of this article will keep anonymous, it is very clear most of our Ghanaian “celebrities” are not cut for that kind of life that comes with the status.

It was most surprising when a TV Screen goddess in one of our little discussions told me how difficult it was living in that world because of the people around and as a result chosen to be herself and do her thing instead of what the world expects of her. Wheew, a relief right? Could most of our tagged “Celebrities” be themselves and behave they are not really there yet?

Truth be told, some of the tagged “Celebrities” are really making it and enjoying all the good things that come with it but majority are suffering. I write this article not to disrespect anyone regarded as a “celebrity” but to educate the Ghanaian not to put much pressure on these people or expect much from them as they are working to attain it as the average Ghanaian is.

There is more to be said on celebrities but need not worry you with my long essay.

Meanwhile, can we be careful how as Ghanaians we use words such as “Celebrities” and “Brand”? Watch out for my next editorial on “Brands” and how Ghanaians most especially those in the entertainment world are abusing it.

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