Story Time: Read Francis Doku’s “The SMS” which will soon become a movie

The SMS” is a beautiful piece written by Francis Doku and would soon become a movie but before that, you have a piece of it.

Francis starting writing “THE SMS” some four years ago. Although he had wanted to write one short story, the story took on a life of its own and happened to come out in four parts. The last installment was done about three years ago.

However, Francis managed to add part five to the story which you would be able to read at your leisure from this website Sadly however, this will be the last time you will see any new part of this story in a written form although the writer is working to complete all thirteen parts very soon.

Don’t worry though, you will see the full story in other forms on other media when it is done and ready to be consumed.

Love You



“Last night was great. Can we do it again next wk. will call later. Nice day” Jacob keyed this message on his phone, looked through his phonebook to the B section and having picked the name Beckie, he pressed the send key. He made sure the message was sent before putting the phone down on the desk.

He had arrived at the office about 30 minutes earlier. “Kate,” he called his secretary in the adjoining office, “kindly bring me the folder on Klixtel.” Kate walked into his office a moment later with a blue folder. “What exactly are you looking for so I can pull it out for you?” Kate asked. “Thanks but I need the entire folder, I have to do comprehensive recons of their payments over the last one year. I hope every transaction is in there,” he said. “Sure,” Kate said, placed the folder on Jacob’s desk and walked briskly to her desk in the adjoining office.

Just as he was about to open the folder his phone rang. He picked it up to see who was calling. It was Becky. He picked the call, put the handset to his ear and he said with a happy tone “Hello” and the person at the other end responded in a not so happy mood “Hi, why is it taking so long to hear from you?” Becky asked.

“Why do you ask that question?” a seemingly confounded Jacob asked.

“Why do I ask that question? Because it took you so long to call me after having the sex of your life, or so you claimed, last night,” Becky retorted.

“Well sorry, but I sent you an SMS a while ago,” Jacob said almost apologetically.

“You have not sent me any SMS Jake. Why are you lying?”

“Why will I lie to you, Rebecca,” a bewildered Jacob said in almost a whisper. “Just about ten minutes ago I sent you a text that Iast night was great and I hope we could do it again next week and then concluded that I will call later.”

“Well I have not received any SMS in the last one hour which includes ten minutes ago, so yours could not have arrived. Maybe you sent it to one of your girl friends,” she said stifling a chuckle.

“No wait; you have not received any text message from me?”

“Did I have water in my mouth when I said it the first time? I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A TEXT MESSAGE FROM YOU,” Becky screamed.

“Goddamn it I am dead, goddamn it I am dead!” he exclaimed.

“Why are you cursing?”

“I think I have sent the message to my wife, no I know I have sent the message to my wife!”

“Yieee you are dead,” she said teasingly. “But how did you do that?”

“You know I saved her name with B-E-C-K-I-E and your name B-E-C-K-Y but when I was sending the message I chose her own instead of yours.”



What do you suggest Jacob does? Should he cook up a story for the wife? How does he go about this?

Watch out for the continuation……………….


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