StarTimes to Air Uncensored Talk Show – POOLSIDE

Poolside is StarTimes Adepa TV’s latest chat show for the youth which premieres on Saturday 27th July, 2019 at 9:30 pm. The show seeks to tackle critical lifestyle, relationship issues and challenges millennials today grapple with.

Issues such as over presence on social media, narcissistic  behaviours, sex online ( sexting) online prostitution, dating older people, diversity in sexual orientation and how it places in  Ghanaian culture in contemporary times are some areas of interest to the show.

The super objective of Poolside is to give millennials chasing after life in the fast lane a mirror on Adepa TV’s platform to look at themselves and the direction they are pursuing.

Poolside is a refreshing and inhibiting peer education platform from the youth to the youth.

Each week, viewers are treated to insightful conversations that allow for true reflection on their world today.

The setting of the show is youthful, fun and vibrant, giving the audience a whole new viewing experience on television in Ghana.

Esi Arhin, the producer of the show says of Poolside, “Adepa Tv’s objective is to give the youth a mirror to view themselves and the kinds of trends which they engage in and occupy themselves with.”

“I found some of the experiences shared on the show to be compelling and powerful stories that needs the spotlight so stakeholders can find ways to provide direct and indirect counseling to them.”

“The youth are very engaging of each other. It was interesting how quickly total strangers bonded on set because of shared narratives.”

“Parents of today are so busy that we very rarely pause to take a good look at our children let alone take the time to hear them and find out what’s happening in their lives. So much is happening with and to young people today and parents ought to make the time to engage.”

“Poolside in a way documents the “what’s ups” of today in young lives unraveled by themselves. It’s been an eye opening experience for me as I realized how so ancient I am compared to these young ones. They blew me over with some of the experiences they shared, quite staggering. I would gape at some of the stories they shared and they would say stuff like “Auntie Paa. We dey do tins.”

“Jesse Williams, the director of the show and I had fun working with the young ones. I believe the entire crew did too. I trust viewers would have as much fun watching Poolside.”

Viewers are encouraged to follow the show on StarTimes’ social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.